Shorby has a very cool solution for your Instagram bio link problem

Instagram is the fastest growing, and most active Social Media platform of the moment, and its only going to grow bigger when Whatsapp and Messenger get integrated into the platform.

But try directing your visitors and followers off your page to your website, or a blog etc, you will find Instagram becomes one big bottleneck...

That's because Instagram doesn't want you spamming their platform with links...

The upshot? You get only ONE link on your Bio. Now you have to make a difficult decision what content to promote...

So many places, yet with only one link, its like being forced to choose only one item to take on holiday with you. What will it be?

  • Your website?
  • Your newly pressed blog post?
  • Your shop?
  • Affiliate links?
  • Lead Magnet or flash deal?
  • CV?
  • Other social media?
  • Messenger, Email etc.

But with one simple tweak Shorby transforms that one precious link into a beautifully presented profile of customisable buttons to direct your leads anywhere you choose.

And if you are an Instagram influencer, blogger, you have a business,or you are just looking to maximise your Instagram bio link then your new profile has even more gifts to offer...

  • Use your new cool Instagram bio link to drive traffic to content, stores, and social profiles
  • Increase conversions by customizing button shapes, text, and colors
  • Track all clicks with pixels so you can get high-quality data for retargeting and advertising

Simply put, this is a profile of clickable button links, contact and social media links.

With the analytics feature you can see which of your links are getting the most and least action (so you can switch them out) 

Not only that, for you marketers, you can also add your pixels and re-target your traffic.


Given that Amazon charges by the second for companies to host on their AW3 servers, it might come as a pleasant surprise to discover you can use this innovating tool for just $9 per month.

The learning curve is always my own biggest frustration, but this platform is ridiculously easy to use, the curve simply does not exist.

  1. Just click the blue button,
  2. start a free trial,
  3. choose the colour of your new profile (see the selection in my screen-shot)
  4. Then add your URL links to your buttons,
  5. Choose a button to animate...

Animate you say? Yes, what a sweet touch, just choose which of your buttons you want to capture your lead's attention the most with, then highlight it.

Now when someone is on your profile, they can't help but to first notice the button that is wiggling its butt at them.

For me it could be my free offer, or my digital course, or my newest blog post. It's my standard call to action now, whenever i post a blog summary to IG i simply finish it by saying, click the link in my bio to read the rest of my blog...

Did you think this was just for Instagram?


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