With this fresh and ingenious new approach that just put the energizer bunny in the corner...


Whether you are writing a blog because it's a satisfying pass-time, you want to make money blogging, or use it to market your business - its even more satisfying if people are actually reading and engaging right?

Well listen (or should i say) read up. Missinglettr is a fresh and ingenious new way to schedule your blog to social media so you can build a beast of a blog...


So you were probably affected by Twitter's policy change that stopped you sharing the same content twice on ANY account.

And it's just a matter of time before other platforms follow suit - so that really put a spanner in the works if you were using a content scheduler right?

Well see that big machine at the top of this page? You don't see any spanners in that do you? And you never will and her's why...


Along came Missinglettr with an ingenious idea, and it goes something like this:

1. You enter your Blog URL into Missinglettr (or have it emailed to you)

2. Wait a few minutes while their machine generates a twelve month campaign for you...

3. Check their work and approve the campaign.

4. That's it, there is no more...

Your blog has now been dissected into nine pieces of unique content that will be dripped into your social media over a period of twelve months. And guess what? that settles Twitters Hash too (or should i say hashtag :)))



  • The learning curve is almost non-existent
  • Connect your website, connect your social media and you're good
  • Let them generate campaigns automatically whenever you post
  • or enter a URL (for a historical or guest post) Missinglettr does the rest
  • A campaign can be anywhere between two weeks up to a year long 
  • Missinglettr analyses your post and selects the best snippets
  • It places those snippets inside eye-catching speech bubbles
  • The system even selects hashtags, but you can enter your own too
  • Missinglettr can even post your blog to your Medium account

As someone who blogs regularly, I constantly find that I'm either not dedicating enough time to promoting my blog posts across my social media channels, or I just forget entirely!

I've been personally using Missinglettr for the last six months and it pretty much takes care of everything for me. Now, whenever I publish a blog post, I get sent an email (within minutes of me hitting 'publish') inviting me to review a full 12 month social marketing campaign for the blog post I just published. All I need do is review their suggestions (making edits if I need to) and that's it. My blog post is then marketed across my social channels for the next year - driving traffic back to my site.

Quite simply... i love it!

Missinglettr are now hosting weekly webinars and as the Businessleuth, I am always searching for fresh ideas, bargains and discounts  to help you get your business or side hustle buzzing and making money.

These webinars showcase what Missinglettr can help you do. They cover everything from why a drip marketing campaign is so important, right through to showing you step-by-step how to use Missinglettr to drive traffic back to your site. It also provides an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

I have noticed that spaces tend to go quickly, so to claim your spot click the button below or click the banner image.

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