When building your online business – Do this to avoid sacrificing your children later.

You’re doing your regular job when one day something happens to validate or highlight your value to the company...

You hadn’t seen it before, but you’re making a valuable contribution, you are an asset, you’re adding more value than you realised, or your paycheck reflects…

The realisation that you are good and competent at something not only validates your job but also your life which had become stuck in a rut.

You want more out of life, and you know what? You’re capable of achieving it.

People arrive at this big bang moment in their lives in different ways, but once you are there - nothing can be the same again.

You want more, you dream about starting your own online business.

You think about it but don’t take any action because you don’t know anything about how to get started or, quite frankly, what your business would be exactly.

Or perhaps you do, but a host of other objections cloud your mind and ambition.

But the big bang has already happened and nothing is the same anymore.

Getting up early and rushing breakfast just to lose another day doing your job is getting harder and harder.

Once you are there you feel restless and half-hearted in your tasks. 

When you get home at night you get on the laptop and start researching

ideas for your business that have been playing in your mind during the day.

Where would you sell your service?

Would you need an office or could you do exclusively online?

Where would you source products?

Could you create your own?

How would it be unique and more sellable than the competition?

A billion things need researching and learning.

Then you start developing your future online business, just as a side hustle in the beginning.

A year later, you’re not quitting the day job just yet, but you’re ready to try selling your offering – nothing happens.

You chalk it up to still being new in the market. You wait and watch, then you tweak, then you doubt, then you research some more - You realise one of two things 

1. Your competition is huge and way way more advanced than you are.

2. There is no competition because there is no market for your product.

But nothings ever going to be the same because the big bang has already happened, so you pivot and try your hand at something else. I mean, lets face it, the internet is full of shiny pennies and promises right?

You buy a course, sharpen your skills, and a year later you put your new offering to the market...

And nothing happens.

You may be on your fifth iteration and five  or ten years into starting your own online business but you have seen enough to know - if you could just pour all your time, effort, and focus into it by quitting your day job, this venture could actually take off.

You do it, you take the leap off the cliff edge to build your wings on the way down. But you’re carrying too much baggage and its making you fall quicker.

All the failed projects you have developed over these last years - so much sweat equity has gone into them that each one feels like a child.

Quitting your day job buys you enough hours in the day to make a success of one (and only one) product .

Each of your product children has equal chance of success so, which of your children do you jettison? Or do you do the instinctively human thing and try to breathe life into them all - possibly at your own fatal expense?


On the off chance you have missed the lesson here, DON’T try your hand at many different projects in the beginning because they will come home to roost many years later.

DO research your intended market and make sure it is big enough. Having competition is good, it means there is a market for your product in the first place - you just need to add a USP to yours. :)


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