It’s probably no exaggeration to say you operate hundreds of thousands of processes and systems every day without a second thought – but start building an online business and suddenly these systems and processes become the most important and frustrating thing in the universe…

The kettle that boils your water - a system. Making a cup of tea – a process. System and process working in harmony, but take online business systems and processes, essential to the success and growth of a new online business, and you have a good excuse for throwing stuff around.

There are four essential elements to elements you need to start an online business, and the first element is tools. Do you have the right tools to get your online business up and running? Lets just run through a few examples to make sure we are on the same page.

  • Website – without a doubt your most important online tool, without this you will not go very far. There are many perils to choosing a host for your site but that’s a whole big universe of a topic by itself.
  • Email autoresponder – you have five hundred hours of work to fit into each day, when that magic moment arrives and people start noticing all your efforts and begin enquiring about your product or service, autoresponders are going to be your saviour.
  • Video creation software – Video is big this year. How are your livestreaming skills? Your product intro video creating skills? Where do you host them and how do you securely share them? The options are exploding for every aspect of video creation.
  • Digital course hosting platforms such as Kajabi, Udemi, Invanto.
  • Tools for monitoring your SEO and backlinks ugggh.
  • Lead magnet creation software – yes, there are saas platforms now where you can build (and even host) your Lead magnets. Lead magnets being those free PDF eBooks, cheat sheets, swipe files etc - giveaways that you find littered across the web like so much micro plastic in the oceans.
  • Then there are tools for quizzing, sharing, caring, curating, and almost anything else you can think of. 

Not all these tools are essential, some are, while others are nice-to-haves. The more you have, the more challenge to make them all work together. It’s like trying to get a class of unruly primary school children to work together designing and building a city. (that’s a metaphor for your new online business empire by the way 😊

Not only do you have to learn and understand every platform of every tool you own, not only do you have to make them work and play nicely together, but when they don’t, you have to spend weeks going back and forth with various overwhelmed support teams, trying to make them understand what’s going wrong.

The key to success here is bloody-minded relentless, never-say-die determination. (after all, if you quit your day job and burn your bridges behind you) what choice to you have? But if you do persist, you will get there in the end.

So here I am, a million remote conversation bites later, at the ‘One year to build an online business challenge’ just cruising in to port at the end of my second week. Nothing has been done towards earning some money to replace my lost day job income. The mortgage and car payments are looming so as we move into the next few weeks of this challenge, I will be focusing, talking, and advising far more about how to replace your income.

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