If you were browsing the business book shelves, or the digital shelves of an online shop, and you came across this title, you would easily be forgiven for thinking it related to online business and exposing misconceptions. But it’s not, it was written before the millennium. Remember the millennium? When all the computers were going to crash?

That said, the content and business principles in this book are evergreen in nature. The stories and analogies the information is wrapped up in is simply some of the best you will come across anywhere. For that reason, I have probably listened to the E-Myth revisited more than any other book. 

So what does the E in E`-Myth stand for if not Electronic? The answer is `Entrepreneur’, and the myth that most businesses are started BY them.  So what makes this such a popular book with over a million purchases? Apart from the valuable information and the way it is delivered, it will force you to take a deep look at yourself, and challenge you to really ask if starting your own business is really for you.  

This challenge comes in the form of an analogy between three sides of your own personality which the author Michael E Gerber calls the technical, the manager, and the entrepreneur. If you are at the stage of thinking of starting a business, or you have a business but it is struggling, then this explanation will perhaps be the most insightful compilation of words you will ever read.

‘It is the tension between the entrepreneur’s vision and the manager’s pragmatism that creates the synthesis from which all great works are born’ – Michael Gerber  

The narrative of this book is delivered in the style of the author talking to the struggling business owner of a pie shop - Sarah. If this book resonates with you then you then it’s probably because you are identifying with Sarah’s situation.  

From this point on, you will find yourself listening intently to the stories and instruction Gerber gives her, like someone in a restaurant eavesdropping on an intensely interesting conversation at a neighbouring table.

The abiding core theme of his instructions revolve around creating business systems so that you can begin to work ON your business, not IN it. Gerber’s ultimate vision is to have you thinking about your business with the perspective that it could be turned into a franchise.

In conclusion, I highly highly recommend you to read this book no matter what stage of business you are at. The E-Myth revisited is just that valuable for clarifying your vision and getting you to look at business in a whole different light. For this reason, I am giving this book an easy ten out of ten stars.

Further reading: ‘24 assets’ by Daniel Priestley.

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