Like most books, the silent sales machine lays the groundwork for its own street cred by trashing the competition and how good they are at selling you ‘Fluff’, thus setting up a contrast between the inferior competition and the superior content of the material you are about to read.

That said, Kudos to one of the best sales lines I have ever come across:

‘This book will almost certainly, especially if you are an entrepreneur, render you into a state where you are certifiably unemployable.’

In other words, you will be so excited by the opportunities you discover in this book you won’t be able to face working for anyone else ever again. Well colour me a sucker but I was sold on that line even as my inner voice was murmuring that, ‘yep and if it turns out not to be true then its only because you’re not a real entrepreneur,’ thus exonerating the author from any liability.

The author of this book was convincing from the start and continues to come across as convincing and utterly genuine in his convictions, which can be a dangerous thing in certain contexts. As I have had direct experience in two of the three business models he discusses, namely Ebay, Amazon, and Offline marketing (consulting), it was at this point somewhere around the halfway point, that I began losing some respect for the author’s integrity.

While he does give a nod and a wink to you having to put in the work and do your research when trading on Amazon, he otherwise paints an extremely rosy picture of a business where you can’t really fail, and where the only thing you need to do as the seller is keep finding profitable products to sell while Amazon takes care of the rest. And this glorious vision of an easy money income stream can be yours if you will only buy the author’s own Amazon course (the best in the world, naturally)

Now, if I had had no direct experience of trading on Amazon then then I would probably have been drawn in by the sales pitch, but I do. Imagine if you will…

  1. The most competitive market place on earth where the owners of the platform openly allow and encourage other less scrupulous sellers to hijack (by any other name) your store front by selling your own product to the customers for less than you are charging.
  2. Imagine your Chinese wholesaler cutting you, the middle person, out of the loop at any time and selling their products on directly, thus massively undercutting you and selling for far less than you can hope to do.
  3. Imagine having to give away tens or hundreds of your product to gain some reviews and climb the amazon ranking system for some visibility.
  4. Imagine giving more than 30% of your sale to amazon + storage fees, leaving you in a race to the bottom as you compete for an ever tighter slice of the margins with your competitors.
  5. Now imagine the whole business model being built on quicksand as Amazon could, and frequently does, shut down your listing, sometimes for no reason, sometimes for an accidental violation of the somewhat ambiguous rules and guidelines. And by the time you have gone through the appeals process and got reinstated, you have lost all ranking position. 

The author had completely failed to highlight any of these or other issues. As my inner voice grew more vocal, it went into overdrive when he began to accuse his competition of being deceptive and misleading. I now give you a direct quote from the book relating to his competitors underhanded tactics,

‘They (the readers of his competitor’s books) are fooled into thinking it is far easier than it is.’

When the author then started talking about his sucker list (business/marketing model pitfalls that naive newbies often fall into) I recalled how, at the beginning of this book, I had relating the word sucker to myself in a joking way. I wasn’t feeling like joking anymore.

So now I have reached the end of this book and the first question myself is ‘What have I learnt that I can apply to my own business, or business knowledge?’ and the answer has to be nothing. Now, at this point you might be expecting me to pan this book with a 1 star review but that’s not going to happen.

Here’s the thing, the silent sales machine, having come across as one long sales pitch in disguise for the authors courses, and despite its negativity toward all other books on the same subjects (even if well-founded), despite it painting a rose-tinted picture of the business models it advocates and failing to declare any of the uglier realities of them, the author still comes across as very genuine and sincere in his desire to help you avoid many of the pitfalls awaiting newbies out there.

And maybe that is the real takeaway info you will get from this book, not what you can apply, but what not to apply, and what to avoid. Remember, this review relates only to the silent sales machine, and none of the associated upsell courses. For all I know, his courses may be excellent, I have no reason to believe otherwise. With that said, I rate the silent sales machine with a 4/10. (Businessleuth rating 2)

As a footnote, anyone that purchases this book also gets lifetime updates if you are willing to hand over your email address. If you decide to take one of his courses, or you have already done so, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comment section below. Best regards.

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