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Not so much about social media…

The first thing to strike a chord and make me pay attention was when O’Mahoney said early on this book that it would be able to stand the test of time and still be relevant years in the future unlike every other book on the market about SM (social media not the other SM).

That would be an admirable, and frankly an amazing achievement given the rapid and ever-changing nature of social media I thought. By the end of this review I will revisit that claim and let you know if it is accurate. 

O’Mahoney’s second intention for you the reader is to start making money from SM, I will also revisit this intention at the end.

So, (if you are intending to listen to the audio version then it will be an hour into the book before you discover what business model he is promoting. I will spare you the loss of that hour and tell you – It is the matchmaker model. i.e. you find people with problems (pain points), you find those with products that solve these pain points, then you put the two together and claim an introductory fee. Otherwise known as being an affiliate.

Many large companies such as ebay and amazon are cited as using the matchmaker model – that is, they connect people who want a product or solution with another person who has the product or solution to sell. So far so good. With nine hours of audio to go, the book was warming up and I was quite excited to learn his spin on this model and to learn his method for finding these two groups of people and connecting them.

For the next hour or so you get a compressed timeline of O’Mahoney’s life starting from school until he makes his first two sales on Twitter. (Personally I always find it interesting to learn and compare somebody else’s journey and struggle to my own) Unfortunately, the lack of any real meat in this back story was to become a reflection of the rest of this book.

The back story concludes with O’Mahoney making his first two sales on twitter and, as a complete novice, discovering how to garner 7000 followers in a week which was ‘unheard of’ at the time. Sadly, having peaked my interest, he did not then go on to reveal the method he used to get these followers. Perhaps he was saving that nugget for his upsell…

Three hours into the audio and still it felt like there was nothing of substance, just a lot of generic talk about finding your niche, learning about your avatar, re-framing their negative mindsets etc.

‘The focus of this book is to learn how to charge people so you can charge people’

OK, so that’s quite clever, and basically means learning how to charge people up (in the positive sense of getting them excited about something) to the point they are ready to buy your product. Unfortunately, and again, he wasn’t getting me the reader charged up.

Around this time O’Mahoney introduces you to his five steps for getting a sale, beginning with getting yourself noticed to building an ongoing relationship. This is the only time in the entire book where you are treated to any specifics, and they are limited to – set up SM accounts with links and branding, find out where your market hangs out and advertise to them, post material consistently to build trust etc.

Was this book not supposed to be about social media? Six hours into this book and I was now listening to a lot of talk about building value ladders and funnels, clearly O’Mahoney has been reading a few Russel Brunson books. But still, where was all the learnings about social media, at an approximate estimate 10% of this book is actually about SM.

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Eight hours in and this has become a test of endurance. I had breezed through a few other reviews of this book and in among all the glowing (tribe) reviews someone had commented that this was a very wordy book, I had to agree.

Up to this point there had been a smattering of references to the author’s own website and referrals to other products through affiliate links (not declared as such in the book) but now the references to his own materials and further resources started becoming much more frequent. With each new reference I could almost imagine O’Mahoney’s hands around my ankles as he attempted to drag me into one of his sales funnels.

The last hour of this book wraps up with talk about analytics and measuring your numbers. If you are near the beginning of your business journey and you have not yet read many books, then there will no doubt be a lot of value in this book for you with top down overviews of what you can do. But don’t expect to learn any hows. This is undoubtedly a part of the upsells that await you on his website after your trust has been gained.

My verdict? I attended a Wealth Dragons two-day event around 2015. Many international speakers were there giving one-hour presentations. It was the type of event where these speaker would give awaf valuable free information and pump up the audience into a frenzy of excitement about their product or course until people were literally stampeding to the back to sign up for that course.

Paul O’Mahoney was one of those speakers and he gave away perhaps the least free information of them all and by the end of his presentation the stampede was more of a luke-warm trickle. The branding of his book and the subject of social media itself drew me to buy in the hopes he had loosened up a little and was willing to be more generous in giving his knowledge, but sadly not.

If you want to learn anything of value from O’Mahoney maybe it is there in his courses, and that will cost you three or four figures, not the tenner this book cost. As for whether this is an evergreen social media book – well the concepts he talks about will no doubt be solid for a long time to come but those concepts are NOT about social media.

Does Paul O’Mahoney want you to make money from social media? Yes, I don’t doubt it. In conclusion there is a lot of talk to get your brain thinking about the process of building an online business in general, its just not about social media. If you want an authoritative book on social media go take a look at Garry Vaynerchuk's latest offering.

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