How to hack Instagram for accelerated organic growth

If you have an online business, and/or you do social media marketing in any capacity, you will want to get, or supercharge, your Instagram juice from this platform that is veritably hopping with life, but how to go from a trickle to a flood without paying Instagram influencers – read on…

If you are familiar with my modus oparandi as the Businessleuth, you will know I am all about helping new entrepreneurs build online businesses on sweat equity. So this particular Instagram strategy is organic in nature – no paying influencers for shout-outs or power likes etc.

That said, if you don’t currently have a big budget to shortcut the process, you will need to pay in time instead, on that understanding here we go. So first get familiar with the concept of hashtags (if not already) and know that you get to use thirty per Instagram post.

To get followers on Instagram it all starts with researching and making out a list of as many hashtags related to your niche as possible – at least one hundred or more.

Divide your hashtags into groups of five – we are going to build a chain reaction effect of Instagram likes and comments.

(remember the movie Titanic, where the ship had storage tanks (or something like that) and as the first tank filled with sea water, it spilled over into the second tank, then the third tank and so in a chain reaction effect until finally it tipped and went up in the air – well that’s what we are aiming for, kinda…)

The formula for achieving this chain reaction effect of multiplying your average Instagram likes and comments is as follows:

  1. Your starting point is to take note of the average number of likes and comments your current posts are getting
  2. The first group of five hashtags you choose will be ones you can rank in every time, so these hashtags need to be averaging the same number, or less, likes and comments as your own posts. (To find out the average number of Instagram likes and comments for a hashtag click on the top nine accounts using that hashtag, add all their likes together and divide by nine, do the same for comments)
  3. Your second group of five hashtags are ones you can rank in many times, these will be a little above the paygrade of where you are currently ranking. So, if you are averaging twenty likes right now, this group of hashtags might average twenty-five likes and an extra one comment. 
  4. This exponentially higher average number of comments and likes for each subsequent group of five hashtags applies all the way to your sixth group of hashtags which will be your top branded hashtags. (e.g. #onlinebusiness) 

This is how the strategy works if you have put in eight hours or more to get all this research done. As a result of using five hashtags you CAN rank in, you will now receive an extra number of Instagram likes and maybe comments than you would not have got before.

Because of this extra amount of post interaction, Instagram will now push you higher up into the second group of hashtags. This extra exposure may, if it is a high value post, give you enough extra engagement from this second group to push you into the third. (just like the Titanic analogy)

But don’t get carried away, it is unlikely you will go any further, at least not without a lot of determination and consistent posting of high value content.

Ok so this is all nice and good, you are getting a lot of new interaction, and your account is growing, and maybe even going viral, people are checking your bio to learn more about you but then what?

Instagram allows you to put only one link in your bio so where do you want to send your audience? You may have many things to share with them depending on what you are all about. Perhaps you have a blog you want them to read, maybe you want to send them to your website or your shop, perhaps an affiliate page or your CV…

So many places but only one link, but if you were to go to the businessleuth Instagram bio and click on my link you would be taken to the following screen showing an attractive layout of buttons, contact options, and social media like icons.

Now I can give my curious visitors options for where to go. Imagine for instance I post the summary to this blog post on my Instagram account, then I say, if you want to read the rest of this blog – click on my bio link and hey presto, there is a button to direct them.

Meanwhile perhaps they also see the button linking to my free PDF ‘The 50 essential business formulas…’ (see below) and perhaps my visitor decides to visit that as well, or go to my gigs page. Happy days. If you want get your own profile check out the shorby homepage at the button below.

Here's the important detail, this is a VERY easy app to use with virtually no learning curve, you can have a free trial and if you find value in it's power, then it cost $9 /m. That's all.

Incidentally, one of my micro gigs on Fiverr will set you up with one of these Instagram bio profiles for only a fiver and no recurring costs (sweat equity remember). If you like, you can check out my gig here. But if you want to go to the source and set up your own Instagram profile just click the button above. 

Thanks for reading, please leave your comments and let me know what you think, or even share your own sweat equity strategies :)


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