You see, I did exactly that and gave my notice near the end of 2018 to go full time building my own dream online business. Now one week in, and having decided to share everything, all the growing pains, failures, successes? (well maybe they will come later) I have my first thoughts to share with you.

I had thought that organising finances (or lack of) and developing new sources of income, was my first and most important task. Turns out not so. If we park for a minute all the necessary admin stuff like registering as self-employed, arranging to pay your national insurance, etc. your first task is to develop systems and make the hell sure they work.

Nothing happens without systems, and nothing happens when you do have them but they don’t work. Forget making any money or promoting yourself and getting the word out about how awesome your new brand is, you are a one-person band (probably), with approximately half a million tasks to perform (that’s why its called sweat equity).

This is all assuming that you have already decided what your business is going to be and what product/s you will be selling, and that you have spent the better part of the last ten years learning all about it in your spare time when everyone else was watching TV and going to bars.

So that has been my first week experience, making systems work. In fact, it has taken so much time trying to make them work while chewing my arm off in frustration, that it will probably take another week or two before they are running as they should.

So, assume if you are thinking of following in my footsteps and developing your own online business, the first few weeks will involve developing systems, or trying to make existing systems work. That all must take place before you can put those systems to work earning you money to replace the safe and secure (if unworthy of you) wage from the ditched day job.

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And finally, just in case you were wondering how I quit my job, it wasn’t the first way with the telling off of the boss and the throwing of resignation letters, slamming doors etc. it was the second way, the, lets not burn our bridges too hard, way. Oh well, I threw away that little dream, but the online business challenge is one dream I won’t be throwing away, so stick around… 


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